Let’s face it, parenting is not always easy.  We all wish there was a handbook providing step by step instructions to raising a fulfilled, healthy and happy child, but as we all know, that just does not exist.  

When our children are young, it can be daunting to tend to their every need day in and day out, while as they grow, we are responsible for helping develop their life skills, appropriate behaviors and fostering their individuality. For many of us, with all of this responsibility comes a general sense of anxiety. It is completely normal to be overwhelmed by our roles as parents, but therapy can help make parenthood more manageable and even more enjoyable.

Children need to see their parents as a team. Nancy prefers to work with parents together so that they can consistently communicate the same message to their children. Inconsistency only creates chaos and, often times, children act out as a result of their parents not standing as a united front.

There are many ways to benefit from counseling as a parent. It could be a one-time event that causes stress or an ongoing situation that you just can’t navigate on your own. Whatever the parenting issue, it is incredibly helpful to talk about it, address your feelings and get the support and guidance you need to help your entire family.