Children and Teen Counseling

The adolescent and teenage years can be challenging times for everyone involved. Children and teens sometimes require help navigating through these years, and often parents benefit from the guidance of a trained professional. Nancy can assess your personal situation and determine if treatment and counseling is the right option for your family.

Nancy treats children with a wide variety of behavioral issues. If your child seems withdrawn from family and friends, depressed, anxious, distant or argumentative, Nancy can help. Maybe your child is struggling in school, using drugs or alcohol or having difficulty adjusting to a change in their daily life. Whatever the issue, Nancy offers a non judgmental, genuine approach to forge a trusting relationship with your child that will allow him or her to open up and get to the root of the issue.

If you’re feeling frustrated and at a crossroads with your child, therapy can help. Contact Nancy today via email or phone to set up a consultation. The first step is always the toughest but also the most vital. Let your child know they are a priority to you, and you will be on the pathway to mutual understanding and a better relationship with your children.