Caring for Elderly Parents

As we get older, unfortunately so do our parents.  Often times, the responsibility of caring for them is bestowed on us as their children. For our entire lives, we relied on them, and now the changing roles and relationships present a challenge as the dynamics of our lives change. Watching our parents lose their sense of independence is tough, and often times we can feel a great deal of stress along with a sense of our own mortality.

Nancy can help provide adult children with the tools needed to make the transition from the role of child to caregiver a little smoother.  Whether you are deciding to move your parents to a retirement home that is better suited to meet their needs, or you want to bring them into your home to care for them, it is important to first constructively work on how to implement these changes without impacting your immediate family’s health and wellness.

If your family decides to care for the elderly parents in your home, the entire family unit is changed, and the daily routine is disrupted. Nancy can help you integrate these changes into your home and life. As your parents age, it doesn’t have to be a sad or difficult time. Counseling can help make this time with your parents an opportunity to grow your relationship with them as you both enter a new phase in your lives.