About Nancy Barton

Nancy Barton has a long history of successfully working with adolescents, teens and their families to achieve optimum mental wellness that allows them to lead happier and healthier lives.  

Nancy has a Master’s of Counseling and Psychology from Temple University and years of experience working in the field of adolescent addiction.  She began her career as a counselor at the well regarded Caron Treatment Center. She also worked at the Child Guidance Resource Center, a place for children, adolescents, and families with mental health, developmental disability, and residential needs.  Following this position, Nancy became a counselor at LaSalle University in the Counseling and Wellness Center and currently serves as a part time counselor at the Bridgeway School, the first high school in the Philadelphia region designed specifically for students who are working a recovery program for a substance abuse addiction.  


Nancy founded Nancy Barton Counseling in 2016.  With her professional background and the invaluable experiences gained by raising her own four children, who successfully made it through their teenage years, Nancy founded Nancy Barton Counseling as a way to give back to the Main Line community that gave so much to her own family.  She is committed to providing her clients with the tools necessary to face the issues that are keeping them from living up to their full potential. Whether it’s substance abuse, behavioral problems or a general approach to life, Nancy’s warm and compassionate nature and respectful demeanor allows her to help adolescents, teens and their families confront the issues affecting them head on, develop coping strategies to navigate complicated times in their lives and develop a collaborative plan that will turn words into positive actions.

The Assessment

The very first step is to set up a consultation with Nancy. Whether it’s via phone or in person, this initial assessment will allow Nancy to understand the the issues currently present and will determine the future course of action.  

The assessment consists of two sessions.  The initial consultation is followed by the professional recommendations and suggestions for how best to move forward. Nancy will evaluate the situation and offer clinical advice and strategies you can use at home or, if she feels necessary, professional care. If recommended, ongoing therapy on average can continue for 5-10 sessions depending on the situation.