About Nancy Barton

When stress, trauma and life crises become overwhelming or debilitating, it is important to look for help.  This is particularly crucial during your formative years as a teen and young adult when you are first learning how to cope with life’s challenges. Using the best practice models available, Nancy Barton Counseling works with teens, young adults and their families to navigate the most challenging years of their lives and empowers them to achieve optimum emotional and physical well-being.  


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With a Master’s of Counseling and Psychology, and a speciality in adolescent addiction, Nancy works with adolescents, teens and their families to gain the skills needed to process through painful challenges and live healthy, fulfilling lives. Therapy is an investment of time and emotions, but ultimately, the reward is a more self aware, stronger individual who is able to successfully cope with life’s challenges and grow into their best self.

Nancy’s specialities include:

Substance abuse and addiction counseling
Family counseling
Adolescent counseling
Young adult/teen counseling

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